DIY Red, White, & Blue Dip Dye Wall Hanging for 4th of July

My internet friend Tee over at Beauteeful Living was so gracious to let me contribute a piece for her blog showing some fun DIY 4th of July décor projects. I decided to focus on wall hangings because I love them. Their versatility, the plethora of techniques and materials that can be used to make them, and well...I got a little carried away with myself and made 2 different wall hangings, using 2 different mediums but all with a very patriotic vibe. Check out her blog post here to find the instructions for the Stars & Strips Indigo Wall Hanging which you can find pictures of at the bottom of the post. But I reserved this Red, White, & Blue Dip Dye Wall Hanging for my readers here at Soul & Oak. Read on to find out how to make one yourself.

What You Need:

- 1 skein of white cotton yarn

- Jacquard Indigo Dye Kit

- Rit Powder Dye – Red

- 1 wooden dowel - 15.5 inches

- 2 five gallon buckets

- wooden stir stick

- 2 mini plastic cups

- twine

- clothes pins

- drop cloth

- 1 glass or cup

Note: Creating a dye vat will create plenty of dye to make a hundred of these so might I suggest you prepare some fabric to dye as well and check out the Stars & Stripes Indigo Wall Hanging as another project to use up that dye.


1. Cut about 25 pieces of yarn at around 37 inches. You really could have as many pieces of yarn as you would like and the pieces do not have to be all exactly 37 inches. It creates a fun look when they are a but uneven.

2. Slipknot each piece around your wooden dowel.

3. Prepare the dye vat following the instructions in the Jacquard Indigo Dye Kit, mixing the ingredients in a bucket of warm water using your wooden stir stick. The kit includes gloves for you to use as well. As you let the dye set, cover the bucket with something like a piece of cardboard so you don’t allow too much oxygen in.

4. Hang your wall hanging (you can tie the twine around the dowel at this time – see Step 16 - or place it between two chairs like I did) over a drop cloth.

5. To create sections of yarn to be dyed in the middle of the wall hanging, I created loops to go into the dye by clipping them up in certain lengths with clothespins and hanging the excess over the rod to get it out of the way of the dye. For the pattern I created I measured 6” to 14” down from the top in the middle of the hanging and looped and clipped that section off. Then I slowly made the loops smaller as I went to the yarns furthest to the left and right with the smallest loops being at the very edge of the hanging.

6. Filling a cup with water I dipped the loops into the water to wet and squeezed any excess water out.

7. Make sure to have rubber gloves on at this time, and put a bit of indigo dye into a mini plastic cup. Dip your loops into the indigo dye and let sit for about a minute.

8. Let this dry, which typically takes about a day. Then repeat and let dry again.

9. Once dry, unclip and let the strands hang.

10. Now create the dye vat using the Rit Powder Dye. You can follow the instructions but it gives you a few options. What I did was filled a bucket with warm water and let the bottom of the strands sit in it while I created the dye vat.

11. Creating the dye vat, I warmed 2 cups of water over the stove until hot and threw it in with the dye powder in a bucket.

12. Take the strands out of the warm water bucket and wring out excess water as much as possible.

13. Again, wearing rubber gloves, scoop out dye into another mini plastic cup and dip the strands in to dye red, keeping them in only for about 30 seconds. I dipped these without any plan to the length of the strand that I was dipping.

14. Let dry.

15. If you haven’t already tied twine on the rod, cut a piece of twine, approximately 24 inches, and tie to either end.

16. And now you can enjoy a fun red, white, and blue cocktail while admiring your wall hanging.

Stars & Stripes Indigo Wall Hanging seen here. Instructions can be found at Beauteeful Living

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