Monday! It's a Botanical Party!

I'm starting to transfer some things from my old blog over here and one of the things I loved was doing Monday Party inspiration. I have missed it. It was always a great, creative, and fun way to start my Monday mornings and I could always get motivated easily to do them. For now I am not going to do them every Monday but just the first Monday of every month. Last Monday was a bit chaotic so it didn't get done so forgive the lateness of my first Monday party but from now on you can expect to find on the first Monday of every month some of my favorite party themes and inspiration for putting them together. Some ideas are DIY and sometimes I add the link for where you can buy it if you aren't feeling quite up to the creative challenge. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. In honor of Spring, the first party inspiration I bring you is a botanical themed party or wedding.

From top to bottom:

1. These super cute cups could easily be duplicated by wrapping some adorable floral scrapbooking paper like this around paper cups.

2. Coming from the same adorable botanical birthday party here, the idea of a floral tablecloth to provide an excellent sweet table or photo booth backdrop. I like this one from Kohl's, it's kind fun and it's an excellent reusable piece.

3. I love the beautiful and dramatic effect of these white curtains shown for this wedding. How dainty and beautiful with the live flowers and foliage added! And super easy. Just sew them on. 4. There is nothing more botanical than classic botanical prints. I like this one and many others found on Etsy. My idea for these would be to frame them to create table numbers or names. Paint directly on the print or if you don't want to mess up the print, you could always paint on top of the glass of the frame. 5. And speaking of classic botanical prints, this beautiful garland would be an excellent edition to your soiree. For an excellent upcycled version, find magazines with lots of flowers, cut them into flags and string them up. Here's a how to, just replace the construction paper with magazines.


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