Disconnect to Connect to Your Creativity

Do you love reading self development books or business books or books in general that help inspire a love of life long learning? Oh man! I TOTALLY do!

So I have decided that when I read such books I will bring you a blog post in the form of book review with all the great, helpful, and inspiring moments I find. In fact, I was in the process of writing such a review when in that very blog post I went off on the following tangent and I thought, "This needs to be it's own blog post."


Whenever I read non-fiction books I interpret every angle as what it means for people's creative life. I make that distinction but in my heart of hearts I believe it is not a distinction that even should be made because all parts of people's lives should be considered their creative life. But in actuality this is not the case. Unfortunately so many people are disconnected from their creative lives. In fact it is possible to implement creativity into every action we take daily, but we don't. We don't because we have become somewhat of a automaton society. We are thinking less and being controlled more by impulses and addictions that come from outside the natural rhythm of life but instead from manufactured big business.

I just recently watched the documentary True Cost on Netflix (big recommendation here!). It is about the true cost of fast fashion, that is, the human cost and the cost on nature. I am sure I will write a whole blog post about this documentary itself because it is something that I have felt strongly about and advocated on for years. However, the point is, we have become so disconnected to what is really going on and so disconnected from the true cost of our constant consumerism and lack of creativity. The price we pay is the degredation of our mental well being, our happiness, the natural world, and our the quality of lives for our global sisters and brothers. Big business who controls so much of the political landscape and the world's resources, through expert advertising strategies have also been able to control our brains and our actions. They tell us it's important that we look good in these hot new fashions that are in one week and out the next. They tell us it will make us happy and when this happiness only lasts temporarily, we go back for more when the initial high wears off. Apps and social media have become experts at what will keep us addicted so we keep consuming their product. That allows them to keep selling space to advertisers who tell us what we should believe and how we should think. And because the app or the piece of technology itself has been designed in such a way that we are addicted to using it, we can't stop but instead keep coming back for more. We hear how they are doing this but we know they are doing it too. I have the new iPhone 6s and I have to say, that thing feels so sleek and shiny in my hand, I am a bit addicted to holding it...all the time. Do you not feel the same?

It is for these reason that I believe so vehemently that we need to actively disconnect from these outside voices and tune into our inner voice. We need to disconnect from consuming and tune into creating and exploring and playing. In a simpler time, people created their world because they had to. It was their only means for survival. Spending slow days tending to a fire to bake some bread, sewing up the cloth for your family's few garments to wear during the cold winter, picking the crops that you spent all year growing so that your family could eat. Life was hard, there is no debating that. But what a sense of purpose and connectedness to your role in the creation of your life and the sustainability of that life. I would bet a million dollars that they were happier.

Creating our lives is our nature. Being connected to that and constantly nurturing that part of us is important for our survival. We do live in a much easier time now where it is not vital to constantly create to be able to survive. But we can still create our lives. We can still nurture that creative part of us while we turn down that booming voice of consumerism. I've said it multiple times but I will say it again, the more you create, the less you will consume. And creating begets creating so soon you will find yourself playing and experimenting more and more and you will be too distracted to hear the booming voice of consumerism.

It is so necessary to the survival not of just ourselves but our world. What the documentary True Cost shows is that living the way we are, consuming the way we are, we will eventually deplete the natural and human economy, these economies that we are demanding so much from. It is all out of balance. But we could instead go back to something simpler and start, even in small, small steps, to rely on ourselves. our own little self economies. Maybe then we could hope to see a world that suffers less.


Thank you so much for listening to my tangent today. I hope it gave you some inspiration for why it is so important to CREATE MORE, CONSUME LESS. Please stay tuned for the promised book reviews in the coming months. The first up will be Rising Strong by Brené Brown. Such a good one!

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