Week 3 of Flexing Your Creativity Muscle

For those of you who joined me in the lucky bunch who got President's Day off this year, I hope you had an amazing weekend. I got lost up in the mountains and did some snowboarding, snowshoeing and enjoyed some good ol' #irl (in real life) moments with my analog friends. Talk about a great way to relax and open up room for creativity and motivation.

I would love to hear feedback from any of you who have tried out some of my ideas for Flexing Your Creativity Muscle for the past two weeks. Or if you have any other ways you have been playing around with your creativity, please share those too.

For this week, since it is a short week for many, I am going to offer just one suggestion for simple, mindful, stress-free, pressure-free creativity muscle building. And here it is.

Cook Something New in the Kitchen

This suggestion is a bit off coming from someone like me who absolutely does not love cooking. I find cooking stressful and even though everything I cook turns out pretty darn good, I just don't like it. But many people do, and it would very much seem like a simple, mindful, stress-free, pressure-free way to get creative. There is a lot of creativity that happens in the kitchen and lots of ways to express it. But I would encourage you to do something new, otherwise it is not taking you out of your comfort zone at all.

If you do love cooking, try some of these ideas:

- Experiment with a recipe you already use but want to tweak

- Experiment with a recipe that you have been wanting to try

- Buy a bunch of ingredients and make something out of it without looking at a recipe

- Think of something that you have wanted to try to make but that intimidates you a bit and tackle it

If you like baking, try:

- Baking something that can be decorated in a fun or unique way, like cookies, cakes, or cupcakes

If you don't really like cooking or baking (like me), try:

- Putting together some ingredients to make homemade household products like laundry detergent, sugar scrubs, hand soap, and deoderant to name just a few

Cooking, baking, and mixing ingredients together is a great way to see a tangible product at the end that not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but also offers enjoyment or is maybe useful in your everyday life. I could get super specific here about how useful creating your own homemade household products is and how it can lead to a more simple, mindful, stress-free, pressure-free life that is also sustainable but I will save that soap box (haha! get it! soap box!) for later. Whatever you

try cooking up this week, I hope you enjoy it and please share your recipes. Some of my favorite homemade household product recipes you can find gathered here on my Pinterest page.

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