Is Creativity Really a Priority for You?

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You've read my posts and you like the idea of bringing more creativity into your life. You agree with the benefits that I have listed and learning to flex your creative muscle in slow, simple, mindful, stress-free, pressure-free steps appeals to you. It's all great in theory, right? But how do you put into practice when you are just so busy?

I hear you. I know busy. I have many suggestions for helping you to fit creativity into your life more which I will be writing about in next week's blog. However, before I get into those there are two important steps you can take to help you realize if creativity is really a priority for you.

#1: Creativity and Your Goals

You may like the idea of a more creative

life and I may tell you being creative is super important but you need to be real honest with yourself in order to see if it is actually a priority. Because if it is not, then let's not try to push it. That will only drive you crazy. My best advice for deciding if creativity is a priority is to request a Push Goal Planner from Chalene Johnson here (it's free!) and fill it out. First go through Step 1. If any of the following categories are in the 1-4 range, or maybe even 5, then please read on.

Mental Well Being



Personal Development

If all of your categories are below 5 then either you are too hard on yourself or you really need to get creative. Not the artsy craftsy way but you need to really get creative with your life and how you run it. You may need to seek some advice from a professional whether it be a life coach or therapist or a trusted friend. Do that first and then we can talk about your creative goals. However, if you found that any of the above categories are low while those I did not mention are high, you are probably a perfect candidate for prioritizing creativity into your life.

Creativity will help restore, it will give you a more balanced mental well being, it will help you develop personally, and it can even help you be more connected spiritually. Creativity is often considered a hobby and it most definitely illicits joy. And truly, many of the other categories on that list can also benefit from creativity as well, like friends and family and finances for example.

Now move on to Step 2. I suggest putting a high priority goal for each of the 10 categories in Step 1 except those where you scored highly. Those are aspects of your life that you already rock at and they don't need so much work. So if you have some extra spaces for goals because you have already put a goal for all the categories you scored low in, unless you just have an extremely pressing item that must fill in those spaces, think of something creative you would like to do and fill that in.

You can continue the rest of the practice of creating the planner but for my purposes, this is all you need. If there was no room for creativity in any of these goals because you just had more pressing issues, then maybe it is not a priority for you right now. If there was room for creativity in these goals then great. We can work to make some time to complete those goals. Either way please check out #2: Create More, Consume Less because this is the second step for bringing clarity and perspective around creativity as a priority.

One last point, just know that if you scored low on Mental Well Being, Hobbies/Joy/Restoration, Spirituality, and/or Personal Development, you could easily make your goal for improving these aspects of your life something creative. I don't know about you but for me, doing something creative to improve these aspects sounds so much more fun than, I don't know... Seeing a therapist? Meditating? Reading spiritual text? Listening to personal development seminars on YouTube?

#2: Create More, Consume Less

This is my mantra. If you visit here enough you may tire of hearing me say it.

The idea is so complex and I could probably write a book about it. But a short and rather simplistic description is that creating our world brings us a sense of power, happiness, and connectedness that consuming does not. Consuming tries to make us believe that it brings us power, happiness, and connectedness and really does bring us all of that but for a very short-lived moment before it all comes crashing down and we no longer feel fulfilled but rather empty. It's like a drug in that way. But when we create, the power, happiness, and connectednesss stays and makes way for more creation, more power, more happiness, and more connectedness. It is abundant and endless in a way that consumption is not.

Go back to the exercises you did in Step 1 and look at your goals and hold them up to a "create more, consume less" magnifying glass. How many of those goals are consumer goals? And are those goals going to make you feel powerful, happy, and connected in the long run? If not, cross those puppies out. And replace them with some creative goals. Maybe something similar but that allows you to create rather than consume. Or maybe it will be the opposite or something totally different. Remember when I said that working on certain aspects of your life by using creativity sounds more fun than seeing a therapist, meditating, reading a spiritual text, or listening to personal development seminars on YouTube? Well aside from meditating those are all consuming activities. You are consuming other people's ideas and words when you could really try to create it on your own.

If after reading Step 2 you feel absolutely empowered to be creative, if you were able to change some of your goals to more creative goals and less consumer goals, then you should definitely stay tuned for my next blog post. Why? Because we now know that being creative really is a priority for you. That is so awesome! I am so excited for you! The next post will give you so many more tips and tools for fitting it into your busy life. You already did a lot of the hard work here by getting rid of some goals that will not serve you in a more creative life. Sit with that over the weekend and feel empowered by the life of power, happiness, and connectedness that is coming your way.

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