Week 1 of Flexing Your Creative Muscle

Do you want February to be the month where you start making creativity a priority? There is no time like the present to start doing activities that feed your soul and bring fulfillment to your life. And since we are currently in February, this month seems as good as any. But whatever month or day you find yourself in when you read this post, right now is a good time.

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There are many reasons to get creative. Here is one. Did you know that creativity is one of the top 3 traits that business leaders identify as most vital for success in the workforce in the 21st century? You may think that the simple creative activities I am going to suggest here wouldn't be related to success in the workforce but remember, creativity is a muscle. Once you begin to use it it gets stronger and not just in the creative outlet that you choose to work in, but throughout every aspect of your life. Creativity begets creativity and the more you make it a part of your life, the more your brain will just naturally lean into it as a means for solving all sorts of problems. Each creative endeavor you take part in basically opens up more and more space in your brain for all sorts of creative thoughts. How do I know this? I just do and because I have seen it so often. In myself, the minute I let myself be creative I end up having a million new ideas and new creative interests that I want to be involved in.

So to start out slow here are two easy, fun, stress-free, pressure-free creative activities to try out. Maybe one speaks to you, maybe not. Try out both or just one or none. But I guarantee if you try one of them, or even one of your own choosing, you will love the way you feel after doing the activity. You may even get addicted. But creativity is a great addiction to have so no worries there. So try it for the week, or if you love it, try it weekly until some other creative endeavor catches your eye.

Creative Suggestion #1: Color.

Coloring has become all the rage and you can find many adult coloring books out there that promote meditative coloring, many times in the form of mandalas. But you can really find anything: animals, flowers, plants, even curse words in pretty lettering. Below you can find a link to some of my favorites. Coloring is really an activity that brings us back to the simplicity of creating as a child. I absolutely love it and it really is meditative. If meditation is something that is hard for you to do, like it is for me, coloring is a good alternative. You get to do something and be creative while focusing on the present moment. A lot more comfortable and fun than just sitting there with your eyes closed.

Links to suggested coloring books:

Swear Word Coloring Book

Art Therapy Coloring Book

The Mandala Coloring Book

Creative Suggestion #2: Collage a vision board.

A vision board is great for creating a visual representation of your dreams and goals. It is highly personal but can be such a creative activity when you work to curate a board that truly speaks to you. Be careful to choose images that truly represent something meaningful to you. And I do suggest you do this on a poster board with tape or glue and not on Pinterest (someday I will explain why I think doing things on Pinterest is more a consumer activity than a creator activity). Work with a bunch of magazines you have laying around, it will force you to be more creative with what is available to you.

Vision boards are also a simple way of doing visualization to bring forth into your life what you truly desire when you glance at them daily. If you don't believe me, check out this amazing post in Huffpost Healthy Living.

The article says visualization works because "what we focus on expands". And isn't that exactly what I'm saying here about creativity? Great suggestion: if creative living is something you really want to commit yourself to, why not put something on your vision board that represents that for you. Then your creativity will really expand.

Hope you try out some of these suggestions. They are really simple ones that I love.

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