Soul & Oak 

At Soul & Oak we have high aspirations for the products we create for our clients. Yes, we strive to create unique, eclectic, elegant, artistic designs for your event or home. However, what we really want to make for our clients are creative expressions of AMBIENT WHIMSY, VISUAL MELODIES, and ARTISANAL VIGNETTES to turn their event or home into the truest and most beautiful representation of their personality, style, and dreams.



Soul & Oak is the dream child of

Jennifer de Tréglodé. After spending years crafting and sewing up a storm as part of the upcycle movement as well as for her own personal pleasure, she truly cultivated her talent for handmade event décor while throwing her and her husband the most elaborate DIY wedding ever. Since then she has worked with numerous clients to turn their event dreams into reality. 

She identifies herself as a true artisan, someone with a deep understanding of the art she is making as well as a profound love for the process of creation: from sourcing the materials, to the journey from design to creation, and the pure joy in presenting it to others.