Hello, I'm Jen. Thanks for visiting my little space on the internet. I invite you to grab a cup of tea and stay for awhile for a chat, just as I would if you were visiting my home. 


Now let me tell you why my store would find inspiration for creating more, consuming less and actively promoting that to its visitors. I have learned that the more you create your world, the more you find joy, simplicity, and mindfulness in your daily life. It is a challenge everyday but the more you work toward it, the more it becomes more clear and right. Not only does it allow us to be more in rhythm with our joy and purpose but also more in rhythm with nature as well. I want that for all of you, and for all of us as a community.


So everyday I set about my work to bring you ideas and empowerment to be more creative. I also offer parties that promote learning new creative endeavors while creating connections with your friends and family. And last, because I do love creating so much, I have a store of my eco-conscious, sustainable, upcycled décor. Because if you must consume, and let's face it we all must at one time or another, let's do it from a place of simplicity and mindfulness of our purchasing choices. I do offer some custom services under the Soul & Oak umbrella as well that you can check out here


Thanks for being a part of this journey.



Create More, Consume Less